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delhi slum tour: taking a walk with PETE india

I first got in touch with PETE (Providing Education To Everyone) India way back before my departure. While researching different work exchange and volunteer opportunities in India, I stumbled across PETE, a small not-for-profit organization that runs walking tours in Kathputli Colony, Delhi. PETE employs local residents to lead the walking tours, and then uses the […]

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burma in black & white

Burma/Myanmar is by and far the most photogenic country I have ever visited. I literally could not put my camera down the entire time we were there. A woman selling fruit? Snapped. 300 temples that looked exactly the same? Snapped. Each and every one. A pair of ugly ass pigeons? Oh, duh. I was unstoppable. […]

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that time i got e. coli in india

I left India early. I know some of you know, most of you probably don’t, but I decided to head back to the U.S. two weeks before originally intended. Part of my decision was practical. For one, money was dwindling and it was more fiscally responsible of me to dip out early. Also, I was […]

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best cupcakes in dc

In case you didn’t know, cupcakes are kinda a big deal in Washington. Sure, there are a lot of attractions that bring visitors from all over the world to DC. The Capitol Building, the White House, the countless memorials and museums… but many folks are also keen to check out the cupcake scene. (Even though […]

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and we’re off to nepal and india!!

Huzzah, huzzah, oh happy days! I’m currently sitting in the Portland airport, just 4 (yes, 4) flights away from landing in Kathmandu. (It’s taking some serious self-control not to use 50 exclamation points at the end of every sentence.) This trip is a long time coming. I’ve always wanted to go to India as I’ve […]

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