Hi friends,

So you may or may not have noticed, but I haven’t been very active on this site lately.

I have good reasons for my lack of chatter.

  1. I’ve been working 60+ hour weeks as a tour guide in DC. The Cherry Blossoms are finally coming out to play after a long winter, and the hoards of tourists in town to witness this annual phenomenon have kept me very busy.
  2. I’ve been sick. Like, really really sick. Not fun when your job isn’t salaried and Tax Day is just around the corner. So I tried to continue with my busy schedule while battling this cold, though unfortunately that only resulted in me getting even more ill and being forced to spend some much needed time in bed.
  3. I actually HAVE been active on my blog, I just haven’t written any new posts. After 3 weeks, 30 emails exchanges, and a whole new level of appreciation for website design, I have FINALLY converted my WordPress.com blog to a self-hosted site. For those of you who know next to nothing about designing websites, this may not mean anything to you. However, this is big news for me. Partially because now I can completely control and redesign every aspect of my blog rather than rely on the default settings of WordPress (so expect some changes to the site!), and partially because this conversion marks a turning point in my career as a tech savvy travel blogger. Hurrah!

Speaking of my career as a travel blogger, I have a new goal: To post 3-4 new blog entries per week. Quite the commitment, but I am very passionate about this project so I’ve got to make it work.

Lots of changes in the air, both literally and figuratively. According to my weather widget, spring is finally here…though I don’t know this first hand as I’ve been hacking up a lung in my bed for the last few days. BUT on the get-well track now, and will be writing new posts soon!

For those of you who are equally being deprived of spring, here’s a picture from last year’s Cherry Blossom Festival. Happy Saturday!