November 24, 2012

I’ve made a resolution to start blogging more. Mia and I have been on a bit of a travel blog kick. Well, I’ve been on a travel blog kick, Mia’s been on a food blog kick. But really, potato potato. Anyway, one of the foodies she follows is an American chef living in Paris who also earns a small income via his blog. What a dream! Not exactly sure how the whole cash flow thing works — something involving page views and key word searches and advertising — but I’d love to figure it out. Too bad computers and numbers are two of my least favorite things in the world. Anyway, Mia says that according to the food fellow, it’s important to blog often and write concise posts. Two more things I’m bad at. So this is me turning over a new leaf. Hope you all noticed the new site design and picture. And the title. Too much? I wish I could change my domain name to something clever and unique but I think that’s a lost cause, right? If anyone has any suggestions for how to make your blog pretty or knows how to add cool tags like “brazil” to make it easier to search for certain things pleaseeee help me. I just learned what a widget is. Well, I’m still not exactly sure what a widget is, but I now know that I have them. Baby steps.

Last night we went to an outdoor reggae music festival with some of the people who work at the hostel and their friends. Apparently the bands that played are very nationally renowned, though we had never heard of them nor did we have a clue as to what they were singing about. Made a big show out of pretending, though. Shouting made up lyrics and thrusting our arms about. These were mostly alcohol induced decisions as we were working the bar for the hours leading up to the festival. Took some decisive liberties with the cocktails. Even made up a new drink incorporating tequila. Obviously. Although after the way I felt this morning, it’s doubtful I’ll be trying out that bad boy again.

This is the only semi clear photo of the night. As you can see, we were right up next to the stage. Mia is an aggressive little bat when she’s got the drink in her and so she easily pushed us to the front. We got VIP tickets which meant drinks were all inclusive. Got lanyards with a plastic pint attached to the end that were meant to be filled as often as possible. You can sort of see what I mean in this photo:

We’re really starting to establish a little community here in Natal beyond the hostel.

Most of these relationships involve little more than nods of recognition and have developed out of the depths of our hunger pains — knowing smiles from the piña colada maestro and our favorite churrasco BBQ boy on the beach, friendly bom dias from the girl running the corner store at which we buy our water and chocolate milk, and always a warm welcome expressed by the guy from New Mexico and his beautiful Brazilian wife who together own the little Mexican restaurant next door. Small things, but they make you feel at home. The Mexican restaurant, appropriately called Novo Mexico is particularly close to our hearts as we get take-out from there at least 3 nights a week. BEST pork burrito I’ve EVER had. The man is a magician in the kitchen. And don’t even get me started on the guacamole. Have you SEEN Brazilian avocados? Size of a cantaloupe. Delish. Plus, it’s always such a pleasure to go there as the couple is so nice. They lead such romantic lives: one from NM, the other from Brazil, fell in love and opened a small restaurant together next to the beach. Isn’t it dreamy? I want to ask them how they met, but even more so, I want to ask them if they’re happy. There’s nothing to imply that they aren’t, and the only fair conclusion to such a fantastical love story is bliss, but the reality is that it’s really difficult to run a small business and I’m sure it’s even more difficult to do so in isolation from your family and established community. And so I really want to ask them if they’re happy, but that’s not the sort of question you ask people.